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2019 NEWSTAR Calendar

last updated 10/09/2019

2019 New Moon dates

        November 26th, December 25th

2019 calendar preview

  • December 7th, Barlow Family Night
  • December 13-14th, Geminid Meteor Shower, average 120/hr, near full moon will interfere
  • December 18th, NEWSTAR meeting 7-9pm, Barlow Planetarium

2020 calendar preview

January 4th, Barlow Family Night

January 10th, Full Moon

January 15th, NEWSTAR meeting room 1332 7-9pm

January 18th, NEWSTAR Holiday party, 5pm-?, Georges Steakhouse Appleton

January 24th, New Moon

February 9th, first super Full Moon of 2020

February 10th, Mercury at greatest elongation in the evening sky

February 19th, NEWSTAR meeting 7-9pm, room 1332

February 24th, New Moon

March 9th, Full Moon

March 18th, NEWSTAR meeting, Barlow Planetarium, 7-9pm

March 21st, possible Messier Marathon with NPMAS

March 24th, New Moon

upcoming eclipses (as viewed from Oshkosh WI)

June 10th 2021, partial annular solar eclipse, sunrise 5:11am, max eclipse 5:14am, 48% of the sun will be covered,

November 19th 2021, partial lunar eclipse, 97% of the moon will be eclipsed, partial 1:18am, max eclipse 3:02am, partial ends 4:47am,

May 15th 2022, total lunar eclipse, partial 9:27pm, total begins 10:29pm, max eclipse 11:11pm, total ends 11:53pm, partial ends 12:55am,

October 14th 2023, partial annular solar eclipse 52% of the sun will be covered, starts 10:36am, max eclipse 11:55am, ends 1:17pm,

April 8th 2024, Total solar eclipse, 87% eclipse from Oshkosh WI, starts 12:53pm, max eclipse 2:08pm, ends 3:21pm,

Last Updated on Friday, 29 November 2019 19:45