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2019 NEWSTAR Calendar

last updated 02/06/20

2020 calendar

February 9th, first super Full Moon of 2020

February 10th, Mercury at greatest elongation in the evening sky

February 19th, NEWSTAR meeting 7-9pm, room 1332, speaker: club member Dave Juckem

February 24th, New Moon

March 9th, Full Moon

March 18th, NEWSTAR meeting, Barlow Planetarium, 7-9pm

March 21st, POSTPONED, NPMAS Messier Marathon, NEWSTAR members invited. Brillion Nature Center

March 24th, New Moon

April 18th, possible date for the NPMAS Messier Marathon.

upcoming eclipses (as viewed from Oshkosh WI)

June 10th 2021, partial annular solar eclipse, sunrise 5:11am, max eclipse 5:14am, 48% of the sun will be covered,

November 19th 2021, partial lunar eclipse, 97% of the moon will be eclipsed, partial 1:18am, max eclipse 3:02am, partial ends 4:47am,

May 15th 2022, total lunar eclipse, partial 9:27pm, total begins 10:29pm, max eclipse 11:11pm, total ends 11:53pm, partial ends 12:55am,

October 14th 2023, partial annular solar eclipse 52% of the sun will be covered, starts 10:36am, max eclipse 11:55am, ends 1:17pm,

April 8th 2024, Total solar eclipse, 87% eclipse from Oshkosh WI, starts 12:53pm, max eclipse 2:08pm, ends 3:21pm,

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 March 2020 19:16